Dear Friends of Lockyer Avenue Vet Hospital,

Happy Pet = Healthy Mouth and this month we are going to help you brush up on your pets dental health.

At our practice every month is Dental Awareness month as dental health is such an important part of your pets wellbeing.

Don’t ignore your pets bad breath!

Ask one of our friendly staff about the specials on Hill’s dental food.

Kind Regards,
The Team at Lockyer Avenue Vet Hospital

Under the microscope…

Dr Anne-Marie Horwitz
Lockyer Avenue Vet Hospital

Dr Anne-Marie Horwitz graduated from Murdoch University Veterinary School in 1983.

Upon graduating she worked in vet practice in Melbourne for 7 years. When pregnant with her first daughter Hanna, Dr Horwitz and her partner decided to move back to WA to be closer to family. They felt that the South of WA would be a great place to raise children so they moved down to Albany in 1991 and have been there ever since.

Dr Horwitz started working at Lockyer Avenue Vet Hospital while pregnant with their second daughter, Holly. Holly is now 26 years old so that gives you an idea of how long she has been with us!

Although Dr Horwitz enjoys all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine and surgery she is particularly interested in geriatric canine medicine and surgery. Dr Horwitz says, ” Old dogs are the best dogs!”

Dr Horwitz has recently adopted a 9-year-old Border Collie Cross called Basil who was in need of a new home. She loves Basil and says there is no truth in the saying “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks” . Basil has learnt to ride in a carriage being towed by her bicycle and he has recently attended a snake avoidance training course. What a clever dog is Basil!

All going to plan, Dr Horwitz hopes to continue to work as a vet in the Albany region for another 20 years or so!